Soutie’s Tackle Box was established in 2014 from hands that are passionate about wood and fishing.

We all know how a serious fisherman feels about his Fishing Tackle! This is where I come in -  to join in the excellent experience and best ideas of building a Tacklebox with the fisherman.


Through the years I have built tackle boxes for well-known names like Niel Van Rensburg, Steven Nel, Andre Mitton, Hennie Knoetze, Willie Van Vuuren and Bennie Viviers, just to name a few. I have also, working together with Herman Dicks, built boxes for fishermen like LC, Barend, and Jan Tolmay and many other experienced fishermen.

The tackle boxes are made with a state of the art workmanship in precision and with no short cuts.

Whether for social or competitive fishing, we will provide a service and product from our range of battle boxes to your full-on customized tackle box that is custom-made according to your Stand size and needs. A wood of your choice stocked with stopwatches, rig trays, spray bottles, pumps, etc. is what I offer.

If you want a tackle box built with cost effective and precision experience, call me today. I look forward to working with you.

God bless!!

Ronald Jackson